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Homeopathy Kits

There are a variety of homeopathic kits available from many homeopathic pharmacies and suppliers. We are currently working on designing a new kit suitable for different types of travel.

The following companies sell homeopathic kits suitable for travel and home use. Other companies will also sell a variety of kits. There may be slightly different selection of remedies in each kit but they will cover most of the most important ones. You can check the list of various kits with the remedies recommended in this book and individual remedies can be bought if you feel they may be needed.


Homeopathy World. Tel 866-346-5105
Natural Health Supply. Tel 800-689-1608


Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy.  Tel 01892-537254

Homeopathic suppliers in other countries will also have homeopathic kits available.