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Homeopathic Remedies Around the World

Homeopathic remedies are freely available over the counter in many countries of the world. However, each country has its own laws regarding this. Also, in some countries, remedies such as homeopathic nosodes are only available with a prescription.

The following is a summary of the general availability of remedies.

UK Remedies are freely available and are found in specific homeopathic pharmacies, health food stores and general pharmacies. Potencies above 30c may need to be bought from a homeopathic pharmacy.

Western Europe France has a very wide access to homeopathic remedies and are found in most pharmacies. However, one cannot find potencies above 30c. Germany also has easy access to homeopathic remedies and also has some excellent homeopathic pharmacies where remedies can be ordered from. The same applies in Holland and also in Scandinavia. In Spain and Portugal, remedies are not that available but one can order them through certain pharmacies. They can be found however in larger cities in health food stores. In Italy a limited range of homeopathic remedies may often be bought in local pharmacies in potencies up to a 30c.

North America Homeopathic remedies are freely available and found in health food stores and specialized pharmacies. They are not found in general pharmacies. There are homeopathic pharmacies on both the East and West coasts of the country and most remedies can be ordered online or on the phone. Remedies will not be commonly found in smaller towns and cities or in rural areas.

Central and South America Homeopathic remedies are commonly found throughout the continent. They can be found both in homeopathic pharmacies and other general pharmacies, depending where you are. Major cities will have much more availability. In Brazil, one should have a prescription from a homeopathic doctor to get a homeopathic remedy although by law homeopathic pharmacies can sell remedies in a 6c potency.

Australia and New Zealand Homeopathic remedies are freely available and found in health food stores, certain pharmacies and from specific homeopathic pharmacies or from homeopathic practitioners.

Russia and surrounding region Homeopathy is practiced in Russia and therefore homeopathic remedies can be found, but it is not that easy and you will have to ask where you can get them. Again, major cities are going to be easier than more remote places.

Africa Outside South Africa, homeopathic remedies are not available in the vast majority of places. Perhaps in major cities one can find them but there are no guarantees.

Indian Subcontinent Homeopathy is widely practiced, and therefore remedies are available easily from pharmacies and homeopathic clinics throughout India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.