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Speed Bumps 2

on Thursday, 12 December 2013. Posted in World Travels

Part Two It was 6 days after my arrival in Pipa and 2 weeks since arriving in Brazil that it happened. We had only been gone for about 90 minutes, walking over the cashew tree strewn dunes to a friend´s house. We walked into the house and as we went into the living room and then the bedroom,...

Speed Bumps Part 3

on Friday, 13 December 2013. Posted in World Travels

Part Three Driving from Pipa to Natal - the nearest big city - takes about 1 ½ hours and is a journey of about eighty kilometres. You have to cross about fifty speed bumps to get there. I haven´t counted but maybe I will when I next have to take that formidable journey. Eighty kilometres is...

Speed Bumps, the Hiccoughs of Life and Brazilian Police

on Tuesday, 10 December 2013. Posted in World Travels

  Part One The worst ones are those painted black that you don’t see in the dark. There is a nice large one like that not far outside Natal, heading toward the coastal tourist town of Pipa in the north east of Brasil. It is perfectly situated as you come over a hill and are speeding up...